garlicHealing features of garlic was recognized in the ancient times. It is known that Egyptians doses garlic their workers on pyramids building site, to protect them against diseases. Arabs used garlic to cure wounds and ulceration. On the east, garlic was a medicine for infertility.


  • contain vitamin C
  • disinfecting activity
  • reduce blood pressure
  • stimulate gastric juices excretion
  • used in alimentary system disorders like: diarrhoea, flatulence, gastric and colon catarrh, spastic states and respiratory tracts diseases (bronchitis, laryngitis and asthma)
  • beneficial affect in sclerosis
  • impede aging process
  • doses for children in a form of a clysis as a anti-threadworm specimen
  • prescribed as a external treatment on difficult healing wounds, burns, ulceration and mycosis


  • intense garlic sent can be neutralized by parsley ,celery, ground caraway or coffee seeds.
  • the best prophylaxis way is eating 2-3 sliced or minced garlic cloves or drinking fresh garlic juice. Garlic contain sulphur compounds, allergy sufferers, persons with low blood pressure, pregnant women, nursing women and persons suffer ulcerationĀ  should avoid garlic.


Supplements containing garlic:

  • Garlic Caps With Extra Parsley – 350 mg

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