grapefruitGrapefruit contain 90% of water with sugar, organic AIDS, vitamins from group B and considerable amounts of vitamins E and P. Fruit contain large dose of vitamin C (30-50mg/100g) and have beneficial influence on bowel functioning. Accelerate metabolism, regulate digestion and cholesterol level. Possess anti sclerosis and anti varix activity, stimulate appetite. There are carotens in the flesh (mainly lycopene) conditioning its colour. Compound-naryngine is responsible for its bitter taste and has purgative feature supporting metabolism. Grapefruit seeds contain bioflavonoids, glucosides, vitamin C and other proteins. Extract from grapefruit seeds can destroy 800 types of germs, 100 types of fungus and other numerous parasites.


  • support duodenum ulceration treatment
  • grapefruit extract is used in skin problems
  • used in mycosis treatment
  • improve immunity
  • dentist recommend it as a dental plaque reducing specimen and in gum infections treatment
  • beneficial effect on bowel functioning
  • prevent varix and sclerosis
  • stimulate appetite
  • support meningitis, miscarriages and death embryo treatment which are often caused by germ-Listeria monocytogenes
  • helps to cure rose (St. Anthony‚Äôs fire), skin and hypodermic disease caused by streptococcuses. Prevent its spreading by lymphatic vessels and its recurrence (often in the same place)

Grapefruit seeds extract is useful in sepsis (dangerous and immune on drugs disease) treatment. It is overall poisoning with permanent presence of germs like: streptococcuses and ataphylococcuses and occasionally with pneumococcus, meningococcus and coliphage.

Supplements containing grapefruit seed extract:
  • ParaProtex – 25 mg

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