nettleNettle’s roots, stalk and leaves contain healing features. It gain popularity in ancient times. Nettle is the most efficient detoxicant and hematinic drag, have beneficial influence on spleen and nettle tea decrease sugar level in blood. The same tea, cure urine duct inflammations and urine stoppage. Our grandmothers already knew about its rejuvenated feature and the best results are in the spring. In folk medicine, nettle tea is recommended on liver, bile ducts, spleen, spleen tumor diseases, gastric mucous degeneration, respiratory system illnesses, contractions, stomach ulcers, bowel ulcers and lung diseases. Nettle has antibacterial and antivirus activity. Helps to cure anaemia, and other serious blood diseases. Nettle decrease vulnerability on cold and support in  rheumatic and arthritic ailments treatment. Broad application in cosmetics: washing hair in nettle tea and rubbing it with nettle tincture, strengthen hair bulbs and stimulate to growth. Regular tincture treatment make hairs more furry and shiny.

Leaves ingreadients:

  • numerous organic acids, flavonoids.
  • tannins
  • caretonoids
  • numerous vitamins-B2, C, K, E
  • pantothenoic acid
  • mineral ingredients like: potassium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, manganese, silicon.


  • gently diuretic effect, accelerate harmful factors elimination and metabolism
  • in gastric problems, by stimulation of digestive enzymes secretion.
  • alimentary system inflammations, palliate activity in diarrhoeas, nettle brew stimulate erytocite formation and increase hemoglobin level in blood.
  • strengthen immunity because of its rich range of vitamins and mineral soil
  • beneficial influence on hairs, in hair loss, drinking nettle brew and nettle hair washes are recommended
  • nettle brew improve hair and nails condition.


Suplementy zawierające wyciąg z pokrzywy:

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