vitamin b7_soyaWater-soluble witamin.

Semi-vitamin substance. It is a complex organic acid containing sulphur, is being synthetized by bowel germs and is present in a wide range of food products. It belongs to the B-complex vitamin.

  • like others vitamins from B group take part in fat, aminoacids and carbohydrates synthesis and decomposition so it is necessary in metabolism
  • during digestion process the vitamin is being released from proteins and get into blood. It is self-transformed on the bowel wall.
  • play important role in glucose conversion, especially on the first stage where co-operate with insulin, pancreas hormone.
  • stimulate glucose transformation in the liver where this vitamin is being stored
  • stabilize the level of glucose in the blood. The two substances influence is vital for diabetics where additional doses of vitamin B7 can improve glucose transformation.
  • proper amount of vitamin B7 in organism affect nervous system normal functioning
  • affect vitality, disposition, pain sense and sensitivity.
  • co-operate with aminoacids like: valine, leucine or izoleucine ( protein substances active in the muscles) what make it important for supplying nerves in energy
  • B7 can be call as a beauty vitamin as it influence on a proper skin, hair and nails condition
  • control fat metabolism
  • prevent seborrhea and sebaceous gland exceed activity
  • participate in hemoglobin creation process, red cells component.
  • palliate B5 and zinc deficiency symptoms


  • loss and turn-gray hair
  • muscle pains
  • eczema
  • dermatitis
  • skin problems
  • certain types of diabetes

Vitamin B7 deficiency:

Vitamin B7 deficiency is a rare case, but can be noticed by the hospital patients who are artificially alimentated or given prolong sulphonamide or antibiotics treatement which impede germs producing this vitamin in the organism. It can cause avitaminosis.

  • nerves system disorders
  • depression
  • apathy
  • drowsiness
  • fear states
  • hallucinations
  • muscle pains
  • restlessness
  • irritation
  • timidity
  • emotional oversensitivity
  • limb numbness
  • nausea
  • lack of appetite
  • anaemia
  • liver increase
  • cholesterol increase
  • conjunctivitis
  • loss of color in the skin and hair
  • mucous membrane and throat become gray
  • skin problems ie.: hair loss, scarf-skin peeling, seborrhea and dandruff, skin is fat taking gray tint, hair loss shine, nails separate.


No toxic activity o vitamin B7 has been fund as it is concerned abort people, although reproductive rats who were given increased doses of this substance, a estrogen excrete disorders has occurred or even resorption of the embryo

  • stomach pain
  • nausea and vomiting
  • bad disposition
  • occasionally diarrhoea

Better assimilation factors: co-operate with vitamins B5, B9, B12, magnesium, manganese

Sources in food:

Widely spread in plenty food products but the amount of it is very small. It can be found in milk, kidneys, egg yolk, cheese, bran, fish(sardine and salmon), yeast, pork, veal, poultry, brown rise, corn and flour. Fruits (watermelon, bananas, melons, grapefruits, peaches, grapes) and vegetables (cauliflowers, beetroots, onion, peas, tomatoes, spinach and carrot) and in nuts, sunflowers and rape

The contents of the 100 [g] or [ml] of the product [µg]
liver 102
Soy flour 63
Egg yolk 54
Walnuts 37
almonds 17
Natural Rice
Whole wheat flour
spinach 6
crabs 6
ham 5
carrot 3
tomatoes 2
cheese thin

Recommended dietary standards for vitamin B9 for various population groups *

Populations Witamin H
Recommended dietary standards

[µg / dzień]

kids 1-3 years 8
kids 4-8 years 12
boys 9-13 years 20
young men 14-18 years 25
men 19-30 years 30
men 31-50 years 30
men 50-70 years 30
men over powyżej 70 years 30
girls 9-13 years 20
young female 14-18 years 25
woman 19-30 years 30
woman 31-50 years 30
woman 50-70 years 30
woman over 70 years 30
pregnat woman to 18 yearss 30
pregnat woman  19-30 years 30
pregnat woman 31-50 years 30
nursiny woman to 18 years 35
nursiny woman 19-30 years 35
nursiny woman 31-50 years 35

*(Dietary Reference Intakes ustalone przez National Academy of Sciences, Food and Nutrition Board, USA)


  • palliate vitamin B5 and zinc deficiency symptoms
  • estrogens perturb vitamin H assimilation
  • deficiencies can influence on congenital effects creation in embryo


Supplements with  B7:

  • Vital 0 -  40 ug
  • Vital A – 40 ug
  • Vital B – 40 ug
  • Vital AB – 40 ug
  • Full Spectrum – 40 ug
  • Lion Kids D – 35 ug
  • Senior Formula – 50 ug
  • Menopausal Formula – 30 ug
  • New Life – 60 ug