vitamin B jpg.Water-soluble witamin
Vitamin B1 belong to the water-soluble vitamins what mean that it can not be stored in organism. It belong to vitamin B-complex and is essential for regular functioning of the nervous system and metabolism.
Vitamin B1 functions:

  • play fundamental role in tissue breathing process, mainly in hydrocarbon transformation, vitamin B1 is a component of carboxylase coenzyme(thiamine pyrophosphate)
  • struggle acetylocholine activity
  • impede cholinesterase
  • co-operate with tyrosine and insulin
  • stimulate gonadotrophic hormone emission
  • accelerate healing of injuries
  • demonstrate painkilling activity


  • postoperative pain
  • shingles
  • epilepsy
  • tringeminal nerve inflammation
  • diabetic neuropathy

Vitamin deficiency:
The shotrage occur as the result of insufficient contents of vitamin in nourishment. Symptoms are mostly connected with circulatory and nervous system and are found when the day consumption of the vitamin B1 fell below 0.2-0.3mg on every 1000kcal of diet.

  • nervous paralysis and limb muscle atrophy (beri-beri disease)
  • central nervous system functioning disorder (nystagmus, memory disorders, concentration disorders, emotional balance disorders)
  • circulation failure,(heart palpitation, heart dimension increase, upper and lower limb swelling)
  • digestion process disorders ( lost of hunger, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea)
  • tachycardia
  • endocrine glands atrophy
  • in case of intense vitamin B1 deficiency a beri-beri disease might occur with symptoms like: neuron activity disorders and muscle fibre disorders resulting in limbs pain, muscle weakness, shiver, circulatory system failure.

Vitamin B1 overdose:

  • weakness, tiredness
  • dizziness
  • swellings
  • muscle trembling
  • heart rate disorder
  • allergic reactions
  • sweat
  • nausea

What improve assimilation: witamin B-complex, witamin B2, witamin B3, witamin C, witamin E, manganese, magnesium.

Sources in food:
Cereal products, meat, smoked meat (especially pork) and leguminous plant (peas, bean). As thiamine is mostly aggregated in outer layer of the cereals so technological processes depending on shelling and polishing impoverish flour in this vitamin. Brown bread, wholemeal bread, groats and unpolished rice are much better source of thiamine than white bread. Reach source of vitamin B1 are yeast and cakes on the base of yeast. Another wealthy source are oranges and dried fruit.

content in 100 [g]  of the product [mg]
yeast 4,1
sunflower seeds 1,95
Wheat germ 1,76
Peas – dry seeds 0,77
Pistachios 0,74
Beans – dry seeds 0,67
Ham 0,68
Buckwheat 0,58
Whole wheat flour 0,54
hazelnuts 0,43
Natural Rice – Brown 0,40
Peas 0,28
Liver 0,26
Graham bread 0,23
Rye Bread 0,18
Potatoes 0,12

Recommended dietary standards for vitamin B1 for various population groups

population group Witamina B1
Nutritional standarts[mg / dzień]
child 1-3 year 0,5
child 4-8 year 0,6
boys 9-13 year 0,9
young men 14-18 year 1,2
man 19-30 year 1,2
man 31-50 year 1,2
man 50-70 year 1,2
man over 70 year 1,2
Dziewczęta 9-13 year 0,9
young female 14-18 year 1,0
woman 19-30 year 1,1
woman 31-50 year 1,1
woman 50-70 year 1,1
woman over 70 year 1,1
pregnant woman to 18 year 1,4
pregnant woman 19-30 year 1,4
pregnant woman 31-50 year 1,4
women breast-feed to 18 year 1,4
women breast-feed 19-30 year 1,4
women breast-feed 31-50 year 1,4

*( Dietary Reference Intakes ustalone przez National Academy of Sciences, Food and Nutrition Board, USA)


  • should be taken with specimen including vitamins from B group.
  • should be taken during meal or 1-1.5 hour after the meal because the best assimilation take place in acid environment where gastric juice is being excreted.
  • baking powder increase PH of the cake (base environment) and increase thiamine loses during baking.

vitaminB _slonecznik

Supplements  with vitamin B1

  • Vital O – 1,4 mg
  • Vital A – 1,4 mg
  • Vital B – 1,4 mg
  • Vital AB – 1,4 mg
  • Full Spectrum – 1mg
  • Infant Formula – 0,5 mg
  • Lion Kids + D – 0,5 mg
  • Senior Formula – 1,2 mg
  • Menopausal Formula – 2,5 mg
  • New Life – o,8 mg