vitamin b3_brainWater-soluble witamin
Witamin B3 is important for normal brain functioning, deficiency cause schizophrenic and depression. Women in reproductive age demand larger dose of this vitamin as esterogenes stopped conversion tryptophane into vitamin B3. If you suffer the vitamin B group deficiency your organism is disable to produce niacin from tryptophane.


  • Similarly to other vitamins from group B, B3 take part in many processes, most of all cooperate as a coenzyme in synthesis and decomposition of carbohydrates, acid fats and aminoacids.
  • participate in many metabolic transitions, mainly in those connected with releasing energy from carbohydrates.
  • participate in red cells creation
  • impede toxic activity of drags and chemical compounds like: adriamycin-medicin applied for curing cancer which can cause heart muscle damages.
  • regulate cholesterol level so decrease the risk of heart-vascular diseases. Researches indicated that vitamin B3 reduce cholesterol level-22% and fat level-52%.
  • extend blood vessel so for people with narrow veins vitamin B3 palliate circulatory ailments.
  • has beneficial impact on nervous system and psychical state of a man.
  • soothe nerves, facilitate dream, ensure psychical composure.
  • play vital role in correct skin state maintenance, improving skin blood flow and hair condition.
  • use in certain skin diseases like: skin melanosis and dandruff.


  • menstrual pain
  • irregular menstruations
  • skin problems
  • migraine
  • circulatory problems
  • high blood pressure
  • manier syndrom dizziness
  • festers
  • high cholesterol level
  • hum in the ears
  • some type of diabetes
  • whistling breath in case of asthma

Vitamin B3 deficiency symptoms:

  • pellagra; so called Lombardy Leprosy-coarseness and redness of the skin.
  • sugar metabolism disorders
  • cell breathing process disorders
  • digestive system disfunction (diarrhoeas, lose on weight, weekness)
  • nerves system disfunction ( insomnia, dizziness, headache, nerves inflammation, memory disorders)

Vitamin B3 overdose:

  • liver damage
  • heart palpitation
  • skin ailments (burning and itching)
  • rise of the glucose level in the blood

Better assimilation factors: complex vitamin B, witamina B1, witamina B2, witamina B5, witamina C, chromium.

Sources in food:
Lean meet, fish, dairy products, eggs, yeast, enriched cereal products, potatoes, peanuts, dactyls, figs, plums.

content in 100[ g] of the product [mg]
yeast 35,5
Peanuts 24,2
wheat bran 21
liver 12,2
tuna 10,3
poultry 9,6
dried peaches 8,2
hearts 7,2
salmon 6,8
whole grains 5,2
almonds 4,7
buckwheat 4,0
soybean 2,9
tomato 1,4

Recommended dietary standards for vitamin B3 for various population groups *

population Witamina B3 (PP)
Nutritional standards [mg / dzień] Maximum safe dose [mg / dzień]
child 1-3 years 6 10
child 4-8 years 8 15
boys 9-13 years 12 20
young men 14-18 years 16 30
men 19-30 years 16 35
men 31-50 years 16 35
men 50-70 years 16 35
men over 70 years 16 35
girls 9-13 years 12 20
young ladies 14-18 years 14 30
women 19-30 years 14 35
women 31-50 years 14 35
women 50-70 years 14 35
women over 70 years 14 35
pregnant woman to 18 years 18 30
pregnant woman 19-30 years 18 35
pregnant woman 31-50 years 18 35
nursiny woman to 18 years 17 30
nursiny woman 19-30 years 17 35
nursiny woman 31-50 year 17 35

*( Dietary Reference Intakes ustalone przez National Academy of Sciences, Food and Nutrition Board, USA)


  • vitamin B3 can be dose simultaneously with vitamin A and E in order to reduce cholesterol level.
  • chromium increase vitamin B3 efficiency